Adroit’s MSP Partnership Mission

As MSP adoption across Fortune 500 clients continues to grow, Adroit Resources has invested in building partnerships across the top Global MSPs. We are an MBE certified, MSP focused, partner to the top MSP Companies nationally, 100% focused on providing the best Customer Service to our MSP partners with our MSP Hybrid Delivery Model focused on Quality, Scorecard Compliance, Cost Savings, and strategic partnership. Our Hybrid delivery model focuses our talent specialist on candidates, our coordinators on client satisfaction, and our leadership team on MSP strategy and partnership. We believe that our MSP Partner’s success with their client drives our success, and our success will drive their success in return.

The Adroit Hybrid Delivery Model

There is a new model, an Adroit Model, that uses resources offshore for 1 specific task, to source and close tech candidates. When our talent specialist close a premium candidate, they don’t enter data into the portal or set up multiple interviews, they start working on the next candidate and the next req. Adroit recruiters have a singular focus, to find the top passive and active candidates in the market. These candidates are not submitted from ½ way around the world into the portal, but submitted to a technical Staffing Coordinator located in Silicon Valley, who is responsible for the final vetting of the candidate, portal submission, interview scheduling, interview prep, offer negotiation and onboarding!


US Based Single Point of Contact

mspWe have listened to the pain points of our MSP partners and created the Adroit model including, the Adroit technical coordinator, our single point of contact for our clients. Ensuring the client has one person to interact with for all needs, whether IT, non IT, local or in another time zone. This results in Adroit exceeding our client SLAs and our MSP partners doing the same. The Adroit coordinator owns the delivery metrics for each individual client.


Data & Interview Integrity

This model has given us an advantage over the competition, as it is a client satisfaction based model. With local client facing professionals ensuring technical screening is complete, data is entered correctly, interviews are scheduled on time, and total program compliance, We take the needs of the MSP and deliver on that locally and efficiently.


Cost Savings

We understand the goal of the end client to use the MSP program as a cost savings measure. Our US Based coordinators continually strive to submit 90% of our candidates below the maximum bill rate. Our Hybrid model allows us to be extremely competitive with Pay Rates to our contractors and Bill Rates to our clients.


MSP Focused Leadership team

The Adroit Leadership team maintains quarterly contact with our MSP partners to ensure we are in line with the direction of our MSP programs, we remain flexible and willing to scale to meet the current trends. This ensures that our dedicated team is always focused on what is important to the MSP and their client. With 18 years of MSP support experience, our VP of MSP Partnerships is the main escalation point for any issue or any discussion on MSP growth and best practices.


Driven by Scorecard results:

Our delivery success in 2015 is unparalleled, across clients, verticals and categories.

Some of our highlights from 2015 & 2016:

46% of our submittals are interviewed

24% of our Interviews receive offers

We fill 21% of the requirements opened by our clients

100% Scorecard Compliant in 2015

1st interview @ our newest Tapfin client, Informatica, within 48 hours of GoLive!


Our MSP Partners: